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Advantages of the prefab building method

Prefabricated modular construction offers a number of important advantages over traditional on-site building method.

Best quality at lower cost

Production does not depend on the weather and the dependency of construction work on the weather is minimised.

Good conditions for working, management and quality control.

3D modules are manufactured in a controlled environment, there is less waste and fewer materials are needed.


Good potential to reduce construction time

Production in the plant takes place concurrently as construction on site.

Production in the plant enables a large number of employees to be involved at the same time.

Good plant readiness of 3D modules minimises the volume of work on site, saving time and money.

Also enables completing non-typical projects

Long experience in developing customer-oriented flexibility.

More experience than competitors in the production of large-scale 3D modules and in the design and construction of five and multi-storey buildings.

The wide range of services enables customers to solve many problems with one supplier – with Kodumaja.


Custom-design with LEGO solutions

In design, production and construction, we use as many standard solutions as possible that are technologically feasible and meet the requirements, which at the same time do not impose too many restrictions on the wishes of our customers and their architects.