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Cooperation with us is simple and straightforward

We are carrying out most of the construction work above the foundations of the building on a turnkey basis.

Customers of Kodumaja

Our customers are companies whose main activities are:

  • Real estate development and/or
  • Construction project management and/or
  • Management of general construction contracts.

In cooperation with the customer, Kodumaja usually works as one of the customer’s main subcontractors, carrying out most of the construction work above the foundation of the building.

We usually expect from the customer:

  • Performance of the functions of the main contractor, such as coordination of work among subcontractors, obtaining building permits, etc.
  • Designing and constructing foundations, technical main communications, roads, and squares, either in-house or through subcontractors. Please note that cooperation with us is important to ensure that the foundations and main communications are compatible with the superstructure of the building above foundations.
  • The fulfillment of other obligations agreed between the customer and Kodumaja, such as solving organizational problems in export countries by local people.

Subject to agreement, Kodumaja may assume a higher degree of responsibility, including responsibility as the main contractor for the construction work of the building above foundations.

The core process of Kodumaja

The input to the core process is: The customer who wants to build.

As an outcome of the core process, we have set the goal of:

A satisfied customer who recommends Kodumaja to their friends and acquaintances even after the warranty period has expired.

The work organisation in Kodumaja is based upon the principle of project management for the whole duration of the main process.

Each customer’s construction idea and contract with them are processed as an independent project with three major stages:

  1. sales – which ends with the conclusion of a contract with the customer;
  2. design, manufacture and construction – which ends with the delivery of the contracted work to the customer;
  3. warranty period – ends on the date set forth in the contract and/or as provided for in applicable legislation.

At the different stages of the main process there is one specific responsible person in Kodumaja for each project, who is simultaneously a contact person for the customer.

Responsible persons at the different stages of the main process are:

  1. in the sales process – dedicated sales manager;
  2. in the design, production and construction stages – a dedicated project manager with a dedicated design project manager;
  3. during warranty period – warranty service manager.

Smooth cooperation, mutual fulfilment of agreements and close communication between the parties to the contract are important to achieve an end result that is satisfactory to both parties. For this reason, it is important that the customer also appoints a responsible contact person who ensures that the cooperation also goes smoothly on the customer’s side and that the customer’s contractual obligations are properly fulfilled.