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Core values and guiding principles

Our main mission is to provide enjoyable cooperation and a sense of security in building a sustainable future.

Professionalism and reliability

  • We treat all business partners – customers, suppliers, colleagues, shareholders – with professionalism.
  • We take a professional approach to the performance of all work tasks.
  • We are open and value respectful cooperation and expect the same from our business partners.
  • Our goal is to achieve professional excellence.
  • We pride ourselves on delivering on our promises and agreements.

Respect and care

  • We get to know the interests and cooperation motives of our business partners and respect and adhere to them.
  • We care about occupational health, safety and the environment and comply with relevant laws and standards.
  • We strive for a responsible and caring working atmosphere and a modern working environment.
  • We understand and value each other's work and efforts.
  • We respect the opinions of others and give and receive constructive feedback.
  • We offer our employees competitive and motivating rewards for achieving their targets.

Ambition and commitment

  • We are committed to realising the vision of Kodumaja.
  • We are persistent in our efforts to achieve our goals.
  • We aim to be the best at what we do.
  • We don't waste our energy fighting our competitors, but try to be constantly ahead of them.
  • We aim for efficiency, a good reputation and a high market value for the businesses of Kodumaja.

Development and innovation

  • We understand that only continuous development, change and adaptation will ensure long-term competitiveness.
  • We have the courage to try out new ideas and implement them in order to differentiate ourselves in a positive way.
  • We develop our competitiveness by maximising the benefits of the prefab building method.
  • We continuously improve the efficiency of our management system.
  • We recognise that our greatest competitive advantage is the ability to learn and develop faster than our competitors.

Kodumaja quality

  • Our aim is to offer the best value for money for products and services.
  • We know we are expected to provide an excellent service and we deliver it.
  • We aim for 100% customer and end-user satisfaction with zero errors.
  • We encourage learning from the mistakes of others, and learning from our own mistakes is mandatory.
  • We only use high quality and environmentally sustainable materials and technologies.
  • We only use well thought-out, compliant and modern technical solutions.
  • Our best advertisement is our workmanship and excellent work culture.