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Certified solutions and technology

We use technical solutions, assemblies and structures, building technologies and materials that comply with the norms and standards of our markets.

SINTEF Technical Approval (TG)

Execution by specialists and monitored by an independent third party

In Kodumaja, all design, production and construction work is carried out by experts in their field under the guidance and supervision of experienced professionals and managers. The quality management and supervision of all work is structured in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 standard and the requirements of the Norwegian Building Research Institute (SINTEFF Byggforsk).

The above is evidenced by the SINTEF Technical Approval (TG) issued by the Norwegian Building Research Institute (SINTEF Byggforsk) and the European Technical Assessment (ETA) for the production, manufacturing and construction process of Kodumaja and its quality monitoring system.

In addition, a certificate issued by Bureau Veritas Certification confirming the compliance of the Integrated Management System of Kodumaja with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 standards. See “Quality assurance“.

The issuers of technical assessments and approvals and certificates carry out regular and independent audits of the businesses of Kodumaja to ensure that the conditions for the validity of technical assessments and approvals and certificates are always met.

Additionally, the staff of Kodumaja holds the competences on the bases of which Kodumaja has been issued:

  • local and national approvals by the construction supervision institutions, certifying the existence of competences, knowledge and experience that meet the requirements of the specific market (Local Approval, Central Approval (CA));
  • registrations of rights to carry out electrical work: DSB (in Norway), Tukes (in Finland), Elsäkerhetsverket (in Sweden).

High quality, environmentally sustainable and safe materials

Since the quality of a building and its subsequent running costs largely depend on the quality of the materials, only high-quality, environmentally friendly and safe materials are used in the manufacturing and construction process of Kodumaja.

Kodumaja purchases materials from carefully selected suppliers, which are able to ensure the proper and uniform quality, precise delivery, competitive and stable price, etc., of the materials.

Moreover, Kodumaja controls the availability of technical approvals and certificates which allow the use of these materials in our markets. It is an important criterion in the selection of suppliers.